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“Sharp’s copier MFPs have long been known for their quality, innovation, and ease of use, and its current line holds up to that standard,” said George Mikolay, Keypoint Intelligence’s Associate Director of Copiers/Production. “In addition to setting the bar for usability among its peers, overall reliability was tremendous throughout the line. In fact, a recent Buyers Lab award given to Sharp for Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand 2018-2021 is a testament to the reliability of the company’s products past and present. And with a standard retractable keyboard and feature-rich scan preview, a highly intuitive and customizable control panel (and the Command WorkStation-integrated control panel on machines like the MX-7090N/MX-8090N), seamless edge-to-edge booklet printing on standard 11" x 17" paper, and the innovative, award-winning web utility, building workflows is a cinch for walk-up users, key operators, and IT administrators alike.”

“We are extremely honoured to have earned the coveted distinction of Copier MFP Line of the Year from Buyers Lab,” said Shane Coffey, Vice President of Product Management for Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “This award, as well as the 12 Pick awards we have earned over the past year for our individual MFP models, emphasize our unwavering dedication to delivering best-in-class solutions that help our customers meet their business needs while delivering high-quality results efficiently, effectively, and securely.”

BLI quote “Our Line of the Year awards are among the most prestigious honors in the industry. This time around, one of the well-deserving OEMs claimed a Line award for the first time and, in fact, for the first time since 2007, we have a single Printer/MFP Line award recipient rather than it being split colour/mono.”

and the following Pick awards;

  • Sharp MX-6580N - Outstanding 65-ppm Colour Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-7090N - Outstanding Professional High Volume 70-ppm Colour Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-7580N - Outstanding 75-ppm Colour Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-8090N - Outstanding Professional High Volume 80-ppm Colour Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-M3070 - Outstanding 30-ppm Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-M4070 - Outstanding 40-ppm Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-M6070 - Outstanding 60-ppm Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-M905 - Outstanding 90-ppm Copier MFP

  • Sharp MX-B355W - Outstanding MFP for SMBs