Visual Solutions

Clarity in Taunton are pleased to be able to offer interactive solutions, professional display solutions and video walls for any environment from Sharp's interactive visual solutions range.  These high quality, easy to use products integrate seamlessly with existing software and hardware and are perfect for the smallest meeting rooms, receptions, classrooms and lecture halls to busy retail and leisure entertainment centres.

With Sharp's Touch Display link you get multifaceted wireless communication and collaboration with all mobile smart devices as well as remote locations, giving you the perfect tool for teaching, collaborating and communicating to a wider audience with innovative products and new technologies.


A range of interactive flat panel display/touchscreens available in a variety of sizes for education and business use with an easy 'pen on paper' experience using either your finger or the Sharp smart touch pen.  These easy and intuitive products have excellent image quality, offer an engaging interactive experience and require very little set-up time or training.

The BIG PAD gives amazing image quality and provides a focal point for small huddle meetings, board meetings, project meetings and training or educational lessons, where up to 50 students can view the BIG PAD from a personal device taking screen shots and making their own annotations.

Bring interest and clear communication to your presentations, training and meetings and make it easy for people to interact with the screen, brainstorm ideas or present information with a brand name you can trust.

Please Click Here for more information on some of the models available.  Or you can contact us on Taunton 01823 337220 via our Contact Us page and we will be happy to talk you through how you can revolutionise the way you work together.


Suitable for all early years educational needs this interactive table is suitable for individual or classroom learning and encourages learning, sharing, communication and socialisation.  The BIG PAD Early Years table uses the latest PCAP touch technology, offers 10 point touch giving the ability to write, draw and annotate directly onto the screen using your finger or the 2mm tip touch pen and is easily tilted and locked into position allowing young children to interact together around the table or to use whilst sitting or playing on their own.

For full details Click Here or contact us on Taunton 01823 337220 or via our Contact Us page.

Sharp Pen Software Interface
You are able to easily launch and display the Pen Software user interface which is a menu of icons that give you easy access to pen settings and functions.  Each touch pen has its own menu which can be displayed when up to four people are writing on the screen at the same time.

Integrated touch panel

Each BIG PAD has Sharp's advanced optical detection technology and either infrared dual touch or PCAP touch to ensure greater accuracy for usability and precision.

MFP Connectivity
Documents and images scanned from a colour-scan capable Sharp MFP can be imported directly to the pen software for display on the BIG PAD.  Image data, including notations shown on screen can be saved to a PC or sent directly to the MFP for printing.

Sharp Display Connect

This supports effective and multifaceted communication, with onscreen content such as handwritten notes being able to be viewed in real-time simultaneously on the BIG PAD and mobile devices.  It facilitates interactive presentation and learning in business and educational settings.  Up to 50 mobile devices can be connected simultaneously, files can be transferred, users can capture images and save on their own devices and can give remote control of the BIG PAD from mobile devices.