What happens to a photocopier or printer at the end of it’s life?
We return the machine to our workshop facility where it is stripped down into the various metals and plastics. Then they go off to a local recycling facility.
What happens to empty toner cartridges?
We have implemented a toner cartridge recycling scheme for all of our customers, with the option to opt out if required. As a member of the scheme all your used toner cartridges will be collected from your premises when we visit and then recycled for you.
What happens to the used parts that engineers remove from photocopiers?
We bring them back to the office where they are sorted into aluminium and steel, and then are sent for recycling.
How safe is my data on the photocopier’s hard drive?
All photocopiers have the facility to format the hard drive either as you use it, or at the end of life.
Is it possible to get a copy of my last invoice/statement?
Yes, we are always happy to discuss any account queries you may have or to issue duplicate invoices or statements. Please just give us a call on 01823 337220 or email us at solutions@claritytaunton.co.uk