Your Options - which is best for you?

We can provide a comprehensive analysis, outlining your current print costs and comparing them with a new recommendation.

We take care to personalise every proposal and to take account of your individual budgeting needs. We can advise customers on the pros and cons of early upgrade and potential savings on photocopiers already leased, and wiser ways of using money spent on expensive consumables for desktop printers.

Lease Options

We are able to offer various flexible leasing plans with low finance rates to assist with the acquisition of your photocopier over 2 year, 3 year, 4 year or 5 year period.  Leases are underwritten by either BNP, Grenke or Central Asset Finance.

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LEASINg IS Beneficial Because

No Capital outlay required . Lease Rentals are tax deductible . Regular rentals make budgeting easier. Helps you to keep abreast of technology with natural upgrades. Flexibility to upgrade if required .


In House Rental Option

Lease rental may not be for everyone. New companies need a minimum of 3 years trading history to establish the right credit line for lease options, or you may have a short-term need. In cases like this we are able to offer a solution with our In-house rental option:

  • In house rental arrangement direct with us on refurbished equipment

  • Short term rental periods are backed up with service guarantees


Purchase Option

We also provide the option to outright purchase either new or refurbished equipment, backed by a 5-year service agreement guarantee that includes all spare parts, toners and labour ensuring that your investment will last, and providing you with peace of mind.