How our scanning solution helped Mercedes Benz South West save money, time and digitise their paper documents

7 years ago we were fortunate enough to form a business relationship with Mercedes Benz South West. Clarity Taunton installed a number of photocopiers throughout their six sites. We introduced them to the solutions experts at Sharp and they came up with a software solution which was installed in all in their sites.

The software used is branded “SCANPATH”. SCANPATH and specialise in OCR, character recognition software and automated scanning software. The requisite for Mercedes was was that printers needed to fully support the software which the SHARP MX range do.

Specifically, in their case, they are using the ScanPath software in Conjunction with A Sharp MX4141 in their service and warranty department. As you can imagine to stay compliant with Mercedes Benz they need to keep a record of EVERYTHING, every customer interaction, every scratch mentioned on a car, wheel scuffs, hundreds of photos of minor damage issues, letters and correspondence etc. etc. etc.

Prior to combining the ScanPath solution with our SHARP MFP they were on their 2nd Ship Container full of Warranty and Service documents, each document pack may have had anywhere between 20-100 sheets of paper in. Eventually, this got to the point where they were running out of physical space to store all these documents or add any more storage containers in their car park.

The solution to this problem was to digitize the entire lot. There were a few days of liaising with ScanPath to dictate the workflow process within their Warranty and Service teams with respect to their interaction with the document packs. After this they decided that Barcoding was the way forward as the integration with our Sharp MFP was seamless, now all documents that where printed either historically or currently were able to have the barcode, which appears on the front of them, scanned on their SHARP MFP. From the ScanPath software, they were able to move a digital copy into relevant folders on their Network for Archiving. It was even capable of splitting document packs out by individual site, based on variations in the barcode. This meant after they had been scanned into our Sharp MFP there is never any need for a user to have to physically interact with the document packs again. They can just rest safe in the knowledge that the documents have been archived safely and efficiently.

This new way of working also means they have saved a huge amount of time. They no longer have to physically go to a storage unit and manually find a document pack should they ever need to recall one. The users can now simply search through the archives from their computers.

Mercedes Benz South West found this was a major improvement for their Service and Warranty department in terms of efficiency, future money saving, current time saving, and simplification of work-flow.

At Clarity Taunton, we can help any businesses who is still manually handling masses of paper documents, digitize with a Sharp MFP and save money, space and time.